Cayans Start Your Engines

Happy Motoring

I recenlty returned to Corona Cay for my third stay as a resident. I’ve had a blast reconnecting with old friends and meeting new ones. This place has always struck me as a tight-knit community of creative and friendly people that have the tendency to get a bit wacky at the drop of the hat. ¬†Maybe that’s why I keep coming back.

Just the other morning, Itazura taught me about driving cars on the mainland roadways. It was so much fun that tongiht after returning from work I decided to purchase the Chevy in the photo. Several hours later of crossing regions lines and seeing the countryside, I’m hooked. Let me know if you want to go for a spin sometime.

In addition to motoring, I have a couple of creative projects I’d like to tend this time around. The early stages of one of them can be seen on the bell tower on my Always Be Reflecting parcel. It is an animated GIF of Buddy Holly & The Crickets. I’m also goofing off with trying to learn how to do machinima and came up with this little something. Eventually, I’d like to set up a museum / shop featuring such animated GIFs. But first I need to develop some texturing and building skills.

I’ve also talked to Keeme about helping out with a streaming audio project he’s working on. Anyone who’s intersted in dj-ing or learning how to dj should look either of us up.

Bottom line, I’m pretty stoked with the look and feel of Corona Cay. I’m grateful for the chance to spend some time here again, and am looking forward to whatever comes next.

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