Corona Cay is an island in the online virtual world Second Life. It is home to a whole bunch of fun and creative people including musicians, podcasters, authors and some who are just plain crazy but friendly!

We’d love you to come and visit Corona Cay – you can do it totally for free by downloading the software, logging in and teleporting to our Sim. But what if you love our little island so much you’d like to call it “Home”? Well, YOU TOO can become a virtual castaway by renting your own spot on Corona Cay. The cost is minimal and an incredible value at only L$3500 (approx $13-$14US) per month for 1536sqm and 650 prims*. If you compare that to what Linden Lab gives you for a premium membership, that is 3 times the area and 5 and a half times the # of prims!

So, come along and say hello! The direct link to Corona Cay is:

*prims are the basic building blocks of Second Life. The more prims you have the more ‘stuff’ you can have in world.

Download the free Corona Cay song by Jesta - Click here (no email etc. required)