Coronaverse #33 – 22nd June 2013 – Second Life is 10 years old and all you get is this lousy podcast

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Johnny (voiceless)

Topics discussed:

Lots of wine

Second Life 10th Birthday

Linden Bear outfit

Tourettes Bear

Arri is back

Rez scripting

Computer crashes (not the usual crashes!)

Bad Bad Keeme Brown

Keeme is becoming transparent


Keeme returns to podcasting

Quarter ass hotrod

Bow Chicka Stockholm Syndrome

Confusing women’s toilet signs

Itazura turns Mexican

Itazura’s been two-wheelin’

Burnt out eyes

Keeme’s scary childhood gun cop story

Arri rides a trike or spider (sorry I couldn’t find a link to the video)

Building custom bikes

Disabilities and hope

The best Shark attack lies to scare small children

Credit card company junk mail

Johnny Firehawk’s theme song

Only one island spot available and it’s a nice one

Everybody likes the beach

Keeme’s shopping list

Replacing bread with a healthier option

Jelly bean = crack

Doing a Google+ hangout from Corona Cay

The Podmafia theme tune

Bike night shenanigans

Bike helmet crash test

James Gandolfini died


A birthday song for Danny

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