Coronaverse #32 – 8th June 2013 – Death at the Pyri Fun Fair

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‘Fraid Not



Topics discussed:

3 Parcels still open

People who love lag and bad neighbours

Stuck at The Mug Shot

Danny learns machinima

Messages from the prankster

Screen capture software

Gardening tips from Fraido

Bears in the yard

Don’t feed anything in Alaska!

The Lake Michigan Circle bike trip

Gary, Indiana

Mackinac Bridge

Riding fairies across the lake


Itazura’s bike is done!

Keeme and Johnny are the same guy


The Mexican seal of approval

Knock-off DIsney movies from Mexico

Radar the podcast machine

Keeme guest stars on his own and other podcasts

Field trip to the Pyri Fun Fair

What’s that in the water? A Head?

Mickey Rat

Is that a switchblade or are you just happy to see me?

Keeme dies

Danny dies

Itazura dies

Designated Die-ers

Rush Limbo

Penis ghosts

The pit of lost virginity


The prim of life t-shirt

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